Wire Pointing Machines

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Advantages of our Air Wipe Units

  • Blow- off dust and contaminants,
  • Cool hot extruded wire,
  • Controlled air flow
  • Uniformly wipe surfaces,
  • Dry extruded profiles,
  • Eliminate solution carryover – no cross contamination,
  • Remove excess coatings, water and oil,
  • Drying after washing, cleaning, painting or coating,
  • Guaranties the optimal drying even at extremely high speed and rough handling.
  • Steel body – robust, compact and easy to integrate
  • Dismountable body – easy exchange of parts
  • All versions feature very efficient, economical and quiet operation.
  • Alternative methods are clearly outclassed.
  • Economical

Air Wipe Unit Specifications

  • Air application,
  • Tungsten dies,
  • Wire up to 10mm – Higher gages possible on die change,
  • Low air consumptions,
  •  Adjustable airflow

Galvco Engineering manufactures Air Wipe Units according to client specifications.

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