combination-descaler Mesh Hand Welder

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Combination Descaler – Taking descaling to a new level

This new DS3 descaler from Galvco Engineering is fast making its mark in the wire industry. The successes we had with our mechanical and brush descalers prompt us to developed an unique descaler with the best qualities of both machines. We have merged the reverse bend descaling system by adding our unique wire brush unit, air wipe and straightener unit into one machine with advanced modifications to ensure a ultimate required wire finish. We also service and refurbish your existing descalers.

Specifications & Advantages

  • Comes standard with:
    • Wire guide for aligning,
    • Reverse bend Unit,
    • Brush unit with motor,
    • Air wipe,
    • 5 Roll inline wire straightener unit,
    • Enclosed box with power (ON/OFF) panel.
  • The box is designed with a waste shoot at the bottom for waste control,
  • Small footprint,
  • Adjustable feet to adjust height,
  • Pulley’s comes standard / hardened or tungsten inserts if required,
  • Brushes available from shelf,
  • Easy to maintain,