Mesh Hand Welder

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Specifications of our Mesh Hand Welders / Mesh Welding Machines

  • 3kva on mobile unit,
  • Weld up to 5mm wire,
  • Fit with cut-off timer,
  • Fitted with long hi-resistant cables,
  • Selector switch to adjust voltages,
  • Floor-bed installed with a copper bar for welding,

Mesh Hand Welder Advantages

  • Easy to use and move around,
  • Saving on scrap, time,
  • Small and compact,
  • Easy to maintain.

Mesh Hand Welding Machines from Galvco Engineering

Galvco Engineering is a leading wire processing machine manufacturer in South Africa, manufacturing mesh hand welding machines that fit our customers’ needs. When purchasing a mesh welding machine from Galvco Engineering, you are guaranteed of high quality and durable machinery, professional service, technical assistance and competitive prices.

Contact Galvco Engineering today to get a quote or more information about our mesh hand welding machines from this leading wire machine manufacturer in South Africa, to get a machine that meets your specific needs.

About Galvco Engineering’s mesh welders

When ordering a mesh hand welding machine from Galvco Engineering, your mesh hand welding machine will be custom-manufactured according to your specific process needs. Our mesh hand welders will help you to overcome miss welds on your mesh welding machines. Should there be areas on the mesh that did not take on the first welding process, our unique hand spot welder is used to weld those areas.

Specifications of our Mesh Hand Welders / Mesh Welding Machines

  • Mesh welding machines feature 3kva power on a mobile unit
  • Galvco’s mesh welders can weld up to 5mm wire
  • Your mesh hand welder can be fitted with a cut-off timer
  • Fitted with long high-resistant cables ensuring safe operation
  • Selector switch to adjust voltages for easy control
  • Floor-bed installed with a copper bar for welding

Mesh welding machines form Galvco Engineering offers the following benefits:

Mesh hand welding machines from Galvco Engineering are easy to use, mobile units featuring easy moving capabilities. When using a mesh welding machine from Galvco Engineering, you will save on product and time. This small and compact mesh hand welding unit is easy to maintain, and Galvco Engineering offers repair and maintenance services on all wire processing machinery.

Contact Galvco Engineering to purchase your Wire Brush Descaler

If you require a top quality mesh welding machine / mesh hand welder, talk to a consultant at Galvco Engineering today. Galvco is a trusted name in the wire machine manufacturing business in South Africa, and will offer you high quality wire machine products and reliable support service. Receive tailored wire machinery when ordering from Galvco Engineering – we aim to provide customers with wire machinery that meet their specific wire processing needs, ensuring that they are satisfied with the machinery they receive from us.

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