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Galvco Engineering is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wire straight and cut machines in South Africa and internationally. Galvco Engineering uses the best materials to manufacture our various machinery, to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the products they receive. Quality manufactured wire cutting and straightening machines are essential to get the results you desire.

Wire cut and straight machines from Galvco Engineering will offer efficient cutting of wire, and can shape and mould them into the desired shape and length. Get the best quality and prices on your wire cutting and straitening machine in South Africa from the leading manufacturers. Should you require more information or a quote to purchase your machinery, talk to a professional consultant at Galvco Engineering today.


Galvco does it again for the wire industry.  Our all new straight and cut machine from Galvco Engineering gives straight a new meaning in the very springy wire industry.

The effectiveness and quality is unparalleled in the market.  See sample of 2.64mm steel wire processed through our straightening machine.


Results from 2.64mm steel wire.

The straightening machine can straighten and cut wire up to client requirements.


Specification / Advantages

  • • Adjustable length settings,
  • • Hi quality finished product,
  • • Adjustable pitch for wire thickness selection,
  • • Double inlet straighten rollers,
  • • Control panel,
  • • Pneumatic cutter set to close tolerance cutting,
  • • Drive motor installed to client requirements,
  • • Easy to use,
  • • Safety enclosure
  • • Environmentally friendly

Wire Pointing Machines

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About cut and straight machines for wire from Galvco Engineering

Wire cut and straight machines from Galvco Engineering will provide high quality finished products. Galvco’s wire straightening machines are designed to rid the wire of any curves, irregularities, usually left in the wire from the coil. This process and machine will ensure that the final product will be defect free.

The adjustable length settings and adjustable pitch for wire thickness selection will ensure that the machine is able to cater to your exact wire cutting and straightening needs. Smooth feeding is provided by the machine’s double inlet straighten rollers, and the pneumatic cutter will enable close tolerance cutting. The high performance drive motor will be included as per the customer’s requirements, to ensure the best machine and output for their specific needs. Galvco Engineering’s cut and straight machines are also very low maintenance and easy to use. The safety enclose provides a safe and efficient working experience for users, and our machines are very easy to operate. Another benefit of Galvco’s cutting and straightening machines, is that they are environmentally friendly.

Should you need more information about the specifications of our cut and straight machines, contact Galvco Engineering today.


Trust Galvco Engineering to supply you with quality wire cut and straight machines

Galvco Engineering is an established engineering company, providing a range of high quality machinery and products to clients across South Africa and internationally. The company has gained over 20 years of experience in the wiring industry, enabling is to design and manufacture state of the art wire processing machinery to meet our clients’ needs.

Galvco Engineering will also customise your machinery where possible, ensuring that you will get the best results from your machinery. Our team also offers the service of maintaining and restoring wire cut and straight machines, offering high quality parts and services to get your machine running as it should.

Contact Galvco Engineering today to talk to a professional consultant about your wire cut and straight machine requirements and needs.