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Quality Wire Brush Descaler from Galvco – South Africa

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We also manufacture mechanical descalers according to customers’ drawings or special requirements.

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Galvco Engineering manufactures and supplies top wire brush descalers for wire processing needs. A wire brush descaler is used in line with wire drawing machines, and will ultimately clean the wire before entering the wire drawing machine. A wire brush descaler will rid the wire of mill scale and surface rust. Cleaning the wire before it enters the wire drawing machine poses many benefits.

If you are in need of a manufacturer in South Africa that will provide you with high quality wire brush descalers and other wiring machinery, contact Galvco Engineering today. Galvco is a leading manufacturer of wire machines, offering quality manufactured products and excellent technical support.

Wire Pointing Machine Specifications

  • In-Line with Drawing Machinery
  • Reduced Die Wear
  • Small Foot Print
  • Improved Wire finish
  • Stand-alone wire brushing machine
  • 2 Rotating brushing units
  • Safety enclosure
  • Durable brushes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Air wipe unit included
  • Consisting of 2 x 0.37 kw Motors
  • Control panel
  • Our machine are suitable for most available types wires,

About wire brush descalers form Galvco

The wire brush descaler works in-line with the wire drawing machinery, ultimately improving the draw ability, and decreasing wear on the die by provide cleaner and smoother wire to feed. A wire brush descaler makes wire processing simpler, without the need of a separate chemical process to descale the wire before use.

Specification and features of Galvco Engineering’s wire brush descaling machines include:

  • In-line with wire drawing machine: This means that the wire brush descaler is installed at the front of the wire drawing machine, and will descale and clean the wire before it enters the wire drawing machine.
  • Reduces wear on die: Cleaner and smoother wire entering the wire drawing machine will cause less wear on the dies, as there will be less resistance when drawing the wire.
  • Small foot print: A wire brush descaler attached to the wire drawing machine, taking up minimal space.
  • Environmentally friendly: A wire brush descaler is a more environmentally friendly choice to clean and rid wire of mill scale and surface rust, as no chemicals are required.
  • Improved wire finish: If the wire enters the wire brush descaler cleaner, it will result in an improved and shiny wire product.
  • Motors: Galvco Engineering’s wire brush descaler consist of two 0.37 kw Motors for efficient performance.
  • Control panel: A control panel offers excellent managing capabilities of the wire brush machine.

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If you require a top quality wire brush descaler, talk to a consultant at Galvco Engineering today. Galvco is a leading wire machine manufacturer in South Africa, and will offer you excellent quality products and technical support.

Galvco Engineering will supply you with customised your machinery where possible, ensuring that you will get the best results from machinery tailored to your application needs.

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