Wire Descaler Machines

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Specifications of our Wire Descalers / Wire Descaling Machines

  • Hydraulic power pack,
  • Standard panel box,
  • Tungsten roller inserts for less wear on the rollers,
  • Magnetic safety door latch,
  • Adjustable feet to adjust height to ensure inline setting,
  • Bruch unit optional,
  • Comes standard with an air wipe unit with air pressure guides.

Wire Descaler Advantages

  • Reduce die wear,
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • In-line with wire drawing equipment,
  • Improved product finishing.

Leading mechanical wire descaling machine manufacturers

If you are looking for a manufacturer of mechanical brush descaling machines in South Africa, Galvco Engineering is the company that can assist. Galvco Engineering is a top manufacturer of wire processing machinery in South Africa, manufacturing high quality and efficient wire processing machines, including an efficient mechanical wire descaling machine, which is ideal for long term use. Descale your wire effectively with Galvco Engineering’s excellent mechanical wire descaling machine, which can also be custom-manufactured to meet your exact needs.

Contact the leading company in the wire machinery manufacturing industry for more information about the complete range of wire machines that will make your wire processing more efficient and hassle free.

About mechanical wire descaling machines from Galvco Engineering

Galvco Engineering Wire Descaling Machines feature a robust and durable design, ensuring a lasting wire processing machine for our clients. Our mechanical wire descaling machines include the following specifications:

  • An hydraulic power pack offers a reliable and effective secondary power unit, flexible for your needs.
  • The mechanical descaling machine is mounted in a compact, and strong standard panel box.
  • The mechanical wire descaling machines feature tungsten roller inserts to help prevent wear on the rollers.
  • Magnetic safety door latch assists to lock the machine securely to prevent access and to protect machine processes.
  • The adjustable feet enables the user to adjust the height to ensure inline setting to process the wire.
  • Choose to include the optional brush unit for your needs.
  • All mechanical wire descaling machines are fitted with an air wipe unit with air pressure guides.

The benefits of a mechanical wire descaling machine

A mechanical wire descaling machine will help to reduce wear on your dies, and will ensure the wires are in-line with wire drawing equipment. This environmentally friendly wire processing machine will help to improve your products finishing.

Contact Galvco Engineering – Leading manufacturers of wire processing machinery

Trust Galvco Engineering to supply you with high quality machinery, components and services that will exceed you expectations. As leading manufacturer in SOuth AFrica of mechanical wire descaling machines and other wire processing machinery, clients across the world make use of our efficient and affordable machines.

Contact Galvco Engineering today for more information about any of our mechanical wire descaling machines and your specific application needs, and we will supply you with a wire processing machine that meets your requirements.

Galvco Engineering manufactures Wire Descalers / Descaling Machines according to client specifications.

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