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Galvco Engineering is a leading manufacturer and service provider in the wire machinery business in South Africa. Galvco Engineering manufactures and supplies state-of-the-art wire processing machinery and equipment to clients across the country. If you are in need of a specific wiring machine, or need to repair your existing wire machine, contact us today. We will provide you with the best solution that fits your specific wire processing needs. Read more about our wire machines and services available, or contact us for a quote on the wire machinery you would like to purchase.

Wire Pointing Machines

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Butt welding machine / butt welders supplier in South Africa

If you are in need of Butt Welding Machine (butt welders), that Galvco Engineering is the company that can assist. Our unique butt welding machines feature a robust design offering a strong and lasting wire machine for our clients. These easy to use and easy to repair mobile units are very versatile, offering a reliable wire processing machine for heavy duty applications. If you would like more information about Galvco Engineering’s butt welders / butt welding machines, contact us today for more information.

Wire straight and cut machine from Galvco Engineering

Are you looking for a high quality wire straight and cut machine that will meet your requirements and expectations? Trust Galvco Engineering to assist. Galvco Engineering has designed a strong and durable wire straight and cut machine, featuring a simple design with a user-friendly control panel. The wire straight and cut machine from Galvco features an adjustable length settings and adjustable pitch for wire thickness selection. This will ensure that the machine is able to cater to your exact wire cutting and straightening needs. Need more information about our wire cut and straight machine? Contact Galvco Engineering today.


Wire straightener units

Do you need a high quality wire straightener unit that will offer satisfying performance and a durable design? Galvco Engineering manufactures a range of high quality wire processing machines, including a straightener unit for straight and accurate wire straightening. These low maintenance wire straighteneer units are also easy to install, and will relieve the wire memory, providing straight wire results. Read more about the features and specifications of Galvco Engineering’s wire straightener units, or contact us for more information today.

Wire brush descaler from Galvco Engineerning

Need an effective wire brush descaler for your wire processing needs? Galvco Engineering has designed an excellent wire brush descaler for wire processing needs. Our wire brush descaler is used in line with wire drawing machines, and will effectively clean the wire before entering the wire drawing machine, ridding the wire of mill scale and surface rust. There are many benefits to cleaning the wire before it enters the wire processing machine – read more about our wire brush descalers, or talk to a consultant at Galvco Engineering today for more information.

Some of our products

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Grooved bearings supplier in South Africa

Galvco Engineering is a leading supplier and manufacturer of wire machines and equipment in South Africa, offering the best grooved bearings for use in our own and other brands of wire machines. Galvco Engineering offers custom manufacturing of grooved bearing, manufacturing grooved bearings according to our customers’ needs. Read more about grooved bearings features and specifications manufactured by Galvco Engineering. Contact us today for more information about our products, or to order your grooved bearings.

Wire processing machine – Repairs and Maintenance Services

Are you in need of a service provider of wire processing machine repairs or maintenance? Galvco Engineering is able to help. Galvco Engineering is a leading manufacturer and service provider in the wire machinery business in South Africa, manufacturing and supplying a range of high quality wire processing machines for various purposes and needs. In addition to manufacturing, maintaining and repairing our own range of machines, Galvco Engineering is also able to help with repairs and maintenance of other wire processing machine brands. Contact Galvco Engineering today for more information.


Wire coiling machine – Manufacturing and Maintenance

Galvco Engineering manufacture high quality performance driven coiling machines for your wire processing needs. We will manufacture your wire coilers / wire coiling machine according to your specific operational needs, to ensure that you obtain a machine that meets your expectations. Contact Galvco Engineering today for more information about our wire coiling machine and other wire processing machinery and to place your order. We also offer the necessary technical support, repairs and maintenance services to ensure your machine runs smoothly and hassle free. Trust the leading wire machine manufacturer to assist with your wire processing needs.

Mechanical wire descaling machine from Galvco Engineering

If you are looking for a manufacturer of mechanical brush descaling machines in South Africa, Galvco Engineering can assist. Galvco Engineering is a leading manufacturer of wire machinery, including a high quality and efficient mechanical wire descaling machine ideal for long term use. Descale your wire effectively with Galvco Engineering’s excellent mechanical wire descaling machine, which can also be custom-manufactured to meet your exact needs. Trust the leading company in the wire machinery manufacturing industry for a range of wire machines that will make your wire processing easy and hassle free. Read more about Galvco Engineering’s mechanical wire descaling machine, or contact Galvco today for more information and a quote.

Mesh hand welding machines by Galvco Engineering

Galvco Engineering manufacture high quality and reliable Mesh Hand Welding Machines in South Africa. As a leading wire processing machine manufacturer, you can expect top quality machinery and excellent service – Galvco will custom manufacture your Mesh Welder to meet your specific application needs. Talk to a consultant at Galvco Engineering today to discuss your Mesh Hand Welding Machine needs.