Quality Wire Straightener Units from Galvco – South Africa

If you are seeking high quality wire straightener units manufactured by a reputable wire cut and straightening machine manufacturer in South Africa, you will get the best machinery from Galvco Engineering. Galvco Engineering is seen as a leading manufacturer and supplier of a number of wire cutting and straightening machines, supplying many companies and individuals with excellent products for their wiring needs.

Talk to a consultant at Galvco Engineering today for more information about our wire straightener units for sale in South Africa. Galvco guarantees that you will be satisfied with the performance of our specialised, top quality machines.

Wire Pointing Machines

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Specifications of our Wire Straighteners

  • Constructed to client specific specifications and needs,
  • Wire from 0.8 – 12.0mm or bigger pending or roller size,
  • Fitted with “V” grooved roller bearings,
  • Small to large bearing used,
  • Adjustment bolts attached,
  • Quick release added as optional extra,
  • Horizontal and vertical alignments done,
  • Gun coated

Wire Straightener Advantages

  • Relieve wire from memory,
  • Easy to install,
  • Low maintenance,
  • Grooved bearing always in stock

Galvco Engineering manufacture Wire Straightening Machines according to client specifications.

About wire straightener machines from Galvco Engineering

Wire straightener machines from Galvco Engineering are low maintenance, easy to install machines that will relieve the wire from memory, providing straight wire results. The grooved bearings utilised by this machine are always in stock, meaning there won’t be any downtime or waiting periods for your bearings.

Specifications of our Wire Straighteners include:

The wire straightener unit will be constructed to client specifications, ensuring the machine meets their needs. The wire straightener unit can work with wire from 0.8 – 12.0mm or bigger pending on the roller size. The wire machine is fitted with “V” grooved roller bearings for excellent performance, and small to large bearings can be used to fit your wire straightening needs. Adjustment bolts are attached, and a quick release can be added as optional extra. The machine is able to conduct horizontal and vertical alignments, and is gun coated for a professional finish.


Why use Wire Straightener Units from Galvco Engineering

Straightened wire rods are used in many applications across a number of industries. Wire products are usually shipped in large coils, tightly wound to take up as little space as possible. This usually results in curved wire because of wire memory, making is difficult for use if straight wires are required. This is where Galvco Engineering’s state-of-the-art wire straightener units come in. These machines have been specifically designed for the purpose of straightening bent wires, providing excellent results for our customers. Wire straightener machines from Galvco Engineering work quickly and effectively, providing customers with straight wires or wires recast into the desired shape.

Contact Galvco Engineering to purchase your Wire Straightener Unit

If you require a top quality wire straightener machine, talk to a consultant at Galvco Engineering today. As a leading wire machine manufacturing company, Galvco Engineering manufactures a range of wire straight and cut machines, which are supplied according to our clients’ application needs.

Galvco Engineering will supply you with customised your machinery where possible, ensuring that you will get the best results from machinery tailored to your application needs. At Galvco Engineering we are also able to maintain and restore wire cut and straight machines as an additional service, offering high quality parts and services to get your wire machine running effectively.

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