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Grooved bearings are widely used in the wire machines, playing an essential part in the feeding and output of wire products. If you are looking for a reliable supplier and manufacturer of grooved bearings in South Africa, contact Galvco Engineering today.

Galvco Engineering is a leading supplier and manufacturer of wire machines, offering the best grooved bearings for use in our own and other wire machines. Contact Galvco Engineering today to order your grooved bearings, or to talk to us about your bearing needs.

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Grooved Bearings Specifications

  • Customized manufacturing,
  • V & U radius available,
  • Flawless machined,
  • Assorted sizes available,

Galvco Engineering manufacture Grooved Bearings according to client specifications.

V and U grooved wire straightener bearings from Galvco Engineering

Galvco Engineering supplies a range of V- and U-grooved bearings for your different application needs. Our assortment of grooved bearings in V & U radius grooves are manufactured to client specification, and widely used throughout the wire industry.

Why trust Galvco Engineering to supply you with your grooved in South Africa

  • Customized manufacturing: Galvco Engineering offers custom manufacturing of grooved bearings, meaning our bearings will be manufactured according to your specifications and needs. We are thus able to provide you with grooved bearings suitable for other wire straightener brands than that our own.
  • V & U radius available: We supply a range of V-grooved bearings and well as U grooved bearings, meaning you will find the grooved bearings that you need for your specific purpose and application.
  • Flawless machined: Our bearing are set in flawless steel rings, allowing for friction free rotation and precision operation in machinery as well as a long bearing life.
  • Assorted sizes available: We supply grooved bearing in many different sizes, suitable for a number of different applications. Talk to the leading grooved bearing supplier in South Africa about your bearing needs.


Contact the leading grooved bearing supplier in South Africa

When it comes to wire straightener machines and accessories such as grooved bearings, Galvco Engineering is an industry leader in South Africa. Galvco Engineering manufactures a range of high quality wire machinery and accessories, and are also able to maintain and repair other brands of wire machines. Talk to a team member at Galvo engineering today for more information about our wire machines or grooved bearings. Our range of wire machines and related products include: